zasim.gui.stepfunc - Compose stepfuncs with a GUI

Inheritance diagram of zasim.gui.stepfunc

class zasim.gui.stepfunc.EditWindow(code, title='Editing code')

Bases: PySide.QtGui.QDialog

staticMetaObject = <PySide.QtCore.QMetaObject object at 0x5845b90>
class zasim.gui.stepfunc.StepFuncCompositionDialog(**kwargs)

Bases: PySide.QtGui.QWidget

With this dialog, the user can, by selecting classes from a categorized tree of classes derived from StepFuncVisitor, assemble a step function.

In a later version, the user will also be able to set arguments, such as the probability for nondeterministic visitors.

dbl_click_item(item, column)

When the user activates a class in the list, insert it into the correct slot at the right.

single_categories = ['loop', 'accessor', 'neighbourhood']
staticMetaObject = <PySide.QtCore.QMetaObject object at 0x5215098>
update_docs(new, old)

Display the docstring of the class and its __init__ at the bottom of the window when a new class has been selected, or display a general help text when the user clicks on something else.


Taken from stackoverflow user Alex Martelli.

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