zasim.gui.mainwin - A main window for the gui

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class zasim.gui.mainwin.ZasimMainWindow(simulator, display, control=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: PySide.QtGui.QMainWindow

This is a window that manages one simulator. It holds one Control, at least one DisplayWidget and any number of additional views embedded in QDockWidgets.

Sets up this window with a simulator, a display and optionally a control widget.

  • simulator – The simulator object to use.
  • display – A DisplayWidget instance.
  • control – Optionally, a ControlWidget instance.
extra_displays = []

Additional displays in docks.

display_attached = <PySide.QtCore.Signal object at 0x57d98f0>

Emitted when a new display has been attached

display_detached = <PySide.QtCore.Signal object at 0x57d9228>

Emitted when a display has been detached

simulator = None

The simulator that is controlled in this window.

display = None

The main display for the simulator.

control = None

The control widget responsible for this window.

staticMetaObject = <PySide.QtCore.QMetaObject object at 0x3e45758>

Attach an extra display to the control.

Those displays are updated whenever a step occurs.


Detach an extra attached display from the control.

zasim.gui.mainwin.main(width=200, height=200, scale=2, onedim=False, beta=100, nondet=100, life=False, rule=None, alt_rule=None, copy_borders=True, black=None, no_histogram=False, no_activity=False, base=2, sparse=False, background=None, patterns=None, layout=None, run=False)[source]

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