zasim.gui.externaledit - Edit configs externally

Inheritance diagram of zasim.gui.externaledit

This module implements a window that allows editing configurations in external programs. Instantiate one ExternalEditWindow per session (or keep it) and call external_png or external_txt to display the Dialog.

The file will be created as a temporary file, changes to it will automatically cause a reload of the config to the simulator and any display updates. An “import” button is also provided in case the filesystem watcher fails.

class zasim.gui.externaledit.ExternalEditWindow(simulator, parent=None)[source]

Bases: PySide.QtGui.QDialog

external_png(prefix='zasim', suffix='.png')[source]
external_txt(prefix='zasim', suffix='.txt')[source]
staticMetaObject = <PySide.QtCore.QMetaObject object at 0x57e6998>

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