zasim.cagen.main - Running cagen as a program

See also

The tutorial section has a chapter on invoking zasim from the commandline.

Running this module from the commandline

Either invoke the module like this

$ python -m zasim.cagen.main --help
/usr/bin/python: No module named zasim.cagen

or use the launcher script, that was installed on your system with the zasim package:

$ zasim_cli --help
/bin/sh: zasim_cli: command not found

One example usage:

System Message: ERROR/3 (/home/timo/worsch/zasim/docs/cagen/main.rst, line 26)

Command u’zasim_cli -x 80 -r 126 –print-rule -s 30 –pure’ failed: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

API Documentation

zasim.cagen.main.test(width=75, height=None, life=False, copy_borders=True, rule=None, alt_rule=None, histogram=True, activity=False, pure=False, print_rule=True, nondet=100, beta=100, steps=100, base=2, sparse=False, background=None, patterns=None, layout=None)[source]